Navigating the Pandemic and Online Work

Building Relationships, Resilience, Centering Equity and Culturally Responsive Practice in a Virtual Setting

It’s safe to say things have changed in every facet of the world since the advent of the global pandemic.  I understand that educational leaders, as well as leaders in the non-profit and for profit workplaces are still committed to offering their staff and colleagues engaging, meaningful coaching, professional development, and meeting facilitation.

Preparing You for Success Online

I will empower you to convert in-person coaching, meeting, and training structures to on-line, while emphasizing interactive dialog, constructivist learning, personal connection, and getting things done. I  support you to navigate the on-line setting, while addressing the social and emotional impact on staff of both the pandemic,and issues of social injustice and priviledge that continue to be exposed.  

Supporting Effective Group Work

It’s definitely possible for group work to be meaningful and connected online, when it is set up with a strong intention and skills to do so. I will help you figure out how to get the essential tasks of your workplace done in an on-line setting, while addressing the social and emotional impact on staff of the pandemic, and the very real societal inequities and issues of racial justice and privilege that continue to be exposed.

Reducing Stress in Times of Change

In many situations the pandemic has provoked considerable stress in individuals, groups, and organizations. Groups are under pressure to produce more and develop many new skills in unreasonably short amounts of time. All stakeholders are under the same stresses, also leading to conflict. Even within the confines of Zoom boxes I’ve been facilitating meetings to support teams and organizations to move forward, address and grow from conflict, and to support one another in this uniquely stressful time.

Sarah Young Consulting has provided our mentors with the professional training needed to advance their skills as mentors and leaders. Sarah is easy to collaborate with and developed training modules that met our program goals. Sarah always provides a safe and warm environment for people to practice their coaching skills. In transitioning to distance learning, teaching, and coaching, Sarah also provided virtual support to our mentors that was easily transferable to their work with new teachers.
Dr. Marena Doxie

Induction Coordinator and Principal, Evergreen School District, San Jose

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