Meeting Facilitation

Meeting Facilitation

Even mission driven groups may at one time or another become stuck, or need assistance to move forward with a new vision. Outside facilitation can support you to move forward efficiently and powerfully, or jump start stuck places.

How do you know if your group in need of new vision and direction?  Perhaps your group wants to take on bigger challenges, deepen the work, reach new audiences,  or shift patterns of achievement and success.

How do you know if your group is stuck? You or members of your team may find yourselves dreading the meetings, or spinning on the same topic not able to move forward. You may hear team members complain of frustration, or not feeling heard.  You may want to look more closely at issues of equity and patterns of dominance within the group, and better bring out diverse voices based on  race, gender, age, ability, or sexual identity. 

I enjoy meeting facilitation and have decades of practice. I appreciate the opportunity to tend to the needs of the group as well as the individuals, to delve into conflict as an opportunity for growth, to help groups discover new pathways and solutions, and to teach meeting facilitation skills that will empower the group to carry forward effectively on their own into the future. I can also help you to make meetings more efficient, to get more done in shorter amounts of time, while bringing out more voices to build a solid team.  While the demands of on-line meetings can present new challenges, I’ve found it that with the right structure and intention, the on-line meetings can be as engaging and productive as we did before everything changed.

I’ve had the pleasure of learning from and working with Sarah in her role as consultant for Oakland Unified School District. I’ve had first-hand experience with her expert cognitive coaching skills as she supported us with program design, writing professional development, and creating and facilitating retreats. I appreciate her reflective practice, ability to listen, get to the root of the matter and her equity lens. I highly recommend Sarah Young for her coaching, coach training, facilitation and consulting expertise.”

Nyere da Silva

Talent Development Associate, Lead New Teacher Coach, Oakland Unified School District