Building Relationships, Resilience, Centering Equity and Culturally Responsive Practice

Helping you to master

Coaching and Communication Skills in 

actual or virtual settings

The Covid 19 pandemic and the explosion of attention and action addressing racism makes every gathering of two or more adults an entry point into equity-focused conversation.

So that you as a leader—and the team you support— can continue to thrive throughout these challenging times, I will help you foster coaching and communication skills, cultivate resilience, provide data-based observation and feedback, and center equity conversations to promote growth, and to support team members through stressful conditions.

Power Up With Online Tools

The pandemic has provided unique opportunities for interactive work using on-line platforms. I can empower you to convert the ways you formerly gathered in-person to on-line, while emphasizing interactive dialog, constructivist learning, personal connection, and getting things done. Learn more about navigating the pandemic.

Culturally Responsive Practice  

I can support you and your team to work more effectively across differences,  and support leadership of under-represented team members. Culturally responsive practice integrates examining  social identities and the impact of racism and other ‘isms, while bringing together tools from social and emotional learning, radical empathy, and anti-bias work. I enjoy addressing conflict as a means to deepen understanding, as well as learning from others and stretching my own world view.


Working Together in Support of Your Education Goals

To support clients’ reflective practices leading to powerful action in pursuit of goals in education and other work settings, I draw on a variety of resources in coaching, consulting, interactive professional development, and meeting facilitation. I’ve worked extensively with schools, school districts, and Induction programs, and am now offering the same services to non-profits and businesses as well. Learn more about me.

“Sarah Young has such a gift of holding space in both formal and informal ways. I have always felt seen and heard by you working together over the years. You are a gifted facilitator, educator and coach. I’m glad to know Reach faculty will continue to grow and thrive in their leadership and coaching practice with support and consultation from you!”

Jonna Justiniano

Associate Director, Reach Institute for School Leadership

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